Our widow empowerment program is created to help widows facing challenges. Our program for widows yields positive results because we design and implement long-term solution-driven programs that empower widows in various aspects of their lives. These programs aim to enhance their capacities, and opportunities as well as to challenge the structural barriers and norms that limit them.

We recognize that widows often face unique challenges, from economic hardships to social isolation and in some cases stigmatization. At SOWD, we are committed to addressing these challenges head-on and providing widows with the support they need to rebuild their lives and stand out.

This comprehensive initiative is tailored to meet the specific needs of widows, including various aspects such as economic empowerment, emotional support, skill development, and community integration.


Economic Empowerment

We believe that economic independence is a key factor in empowering widows. Our program includes vocational training, entrepreneurship support, and microfinance initiatives to enable widows to generate income and regain financial stability for themselves and their families.

Skill Empowerment

We understand the importance of skills in enhancing opportunities. Our skill development program offers training in various skills, equipping widows with the tools they need to start their own ventures. Continuous learning is a key component of our empowerment strategy.

Community Integration

Social isolation is a common challenge for many widows. Our program actively works towards community integration, organizing events, and activities that foster a sense of belonging. By breaking down social barriers, we empower widows to participate fully in the community.

May 2023 Widows Financial Support Event

On the 27th of May 2023, Sowd Initiative in line with their goal sowed a seed of love by empowering 50 young selected Widows who deal in food stuffs items in Lagos state.

Following a thorough interview with 50 widows, SOWD executives extended their assessment to scrutinize the widows’ shops. It was revealed that these widows were operating their businesses with capital ranging between ₦ 20,000 to ₦ 30,000 ($30), posing considerable challenges in adequately providing for their children and meeting essential financial obligations such as bills payments.

These moved SOWD to empower them with cash of ₦50,000 ($56) each to enable them to step up in their businesses and improve their livelihood. They went home happily thanking God for Sowd Initiative.

A team was also formed to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the seed capital being given to the widows. Read the news report by The Nation Nigeria

Widow Empowerment Event Gallery

Widows empowerment program at St. Thomas Moore Chaplency hall Unilag 27th May 2023

Mrs Cecilia visitation to Makoko Widows

skill acquisition training for widows

How You Can Make a Difference

Donate Today: Your contribution directly funds education, healthcare, and skill-building programs, making a tangible impact on their lives.

Corporate Partnerships: Join us in creating a better future by aligning your company with SOWD. Corporate partnerships demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

Spread the Word: Follow us on social media, share our success stories, and be a voice for those who need it the most. Together, we can inspire change and create a much better world for challenged members of our community.

Join The Movement and Be a Blessing

Join SOWD Initiative in our mission to create a world where widows are not just survivors but thriving contributors to society. Together, let’s help empower the widows to take care of themselves and their children.

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