Orphan Care Program

SOWD Initiative care for orphans program is a core part of our non-governmental organisation that provides support and assistance to children who have lost their parents or guardians in Nigeria.

The program aims to help orphans find loving and stable homes, access good education and health care, and develop their skills and talents.

The program also advocates for the rights and welfare of orphans in society and raises awareness about the challenges they face.

SOWD believes that every child deserves a loving and nurturing environment to thrive. Our orphan care program goes beyond meeting basic needs; it aims to provide holistic support, encompassing education, healthcare, emotional well-being, and a sense of belonging.

By becoming a sponsor, you can directly contribute to changing the lives of orphaned children, offering them hope for a brighter future.

How Your Orphan Care Sponsorship Makes a Difference:


Your sponsorship helps provide quality education, ensuring access to learning resources, school fees, and extracurricular activities that empower these children to break the cycle of poverty.


At SOWD Initiative, we prioritize the physical and mental health of each orphan child, offering regular health check-ups, vaccinations, and counselling services to address their unique needs.


Your support along with those of other well-meaning Nigerians ensures that each orphan child in our organization receives adequate nutritious meals, promoting their overall well-being and development.

Safe Shelter/Homes

We provide a secure and nurturing living environment, fostering a sense of family and community among the children. We also ensure that adoption cases are handled properly with the intending parent thoroughly vetted

Join The Movement and Be a Blessing

Join the SOWD Initiative in our mission to create a world where orphan children are well cared for. Your support will not only transform the lives of these children but also contribute to building a more compassionate and caring world. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on events and how your support is impacting their lives.

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